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                  The Old Chicago Neighborhood: Remembering Life in the 1940s
                  Source: Chicago's Neighborhoods, Inc.
                  Author: Neal Samors and Michael Williams
                  "Combining more than 100 duotone images with stories from over 125 Chicagoans, this volume looks back fondly at daily life, the war years, sports and recreation, and entertainment in Chicago's neighborhoods" in the 1940s.
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                  Political History

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                  To Serve and Collect: Chicago Politics and Police Corruption from the Lager Beer Riot to the Summerdale Scandal: 1855-1960
                  Source: Amazon
                  Author: Richard Lindberg
                  From an Amazon reader: "I'm an avowed Chicago history buff and found references in this book that simply cannot be found anywhere else. The bibliography alone has led to me several other books on the topic, which is appreciated. Really brought the city to life, and made you want to search out the street corners in question." (1998)
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